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[INVITATION] Installation: The Human Voice

[INVITATION] Installation: The Human Voice A project by Raquel Castro and Carlos Pimenta inspired by the Jean Cocteau’s play “The Human Voice” is going to take place until Sunday, 5th March.

“The Human Voice” Finissage is going to occur  4, March at 6PM, in a conference lectured by José Bragança de Miranda.

Location: Graça Brandão Gallery  || Rua dos Caetanos, 26 Bairro Alto Lisboa

Netactivism and Democracy by Peter Dahlgren

Abertura FCT
The opening of the 4th edition of the PhD FCT – Communication Studies: Technology, Culture and Society, Peter Dahlgren will be present at ULHT on 6 October, at 16h in the Auditorium Vítor Sá (Library Building), to deliver the conference entitled:

Netactivism and Democracy: Technical, Socio-Cultural, and Aesthetic Contingencies