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Netactivism and Democracy by Peter Dahlgren

Abertura FCT
The opening of the 4th edition of the PhD FCT – Communication Studies: Technology, Culture and Society, Peter Dahlgren will be present at ULHT on 6 October, at 16h in the Auditorium Vítor Sá (Library Building), to deliver the conference entitled:

Netactivism and Democracy: Technical, Socio-Cultural, and Aesthetic Contingencies

Stereo & Immersive Media — 2015 Conference, Lisbon, October 7-9

Stereo and Immersive

Stereo and Immersive Media — 2015 International Conference aims to bring together researchers, artists and archivists working visual media renowned for their stereoscopic and/or immersive features.

Stereo and immersive media environments have been providing an expanded field for photographic media since the 19th century.

The recent revival of interest in stereo and immersive technologies has set an opportunity to research its historical roots and also the present-day challenges to visual culture.